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This book is about a former case I worked on prior to moving into the house of a crooked attorney who got caught with her hands in the cookie jar.   The crooked lawyer is someone who I know very well because she was my landlady for one year from September 1, 2004 - September 1, 2005.    The case concerns Judge Phillips' who has an estate worth millions of dollars.  Judge Phillips was locked away in a mental institution up in the Bronx while crooked lawyers and other judges pilfered from his estate.  Only Judge Phillips is not crazy according to those who know him best.  The interesting fact about Judge Phillips estate is that some are still living in his  property and others are still spending his stolen money and it goes up the chain of command.  Judge Phillips was rescued from the mental institution and those who stole his property were punished in the court of law.   Crazy or not this is a good story that I am certain Hollywood will love to make a movie out of!

These are some links to read up on the story!  Since I have personally touched the case and filed courts and legal documents that pertain to matter.  I am curious to what exactly did happen to the judges thoughts and emotions. pdf - 

John Phillips, the former Civil Court judge whose multi-million–dollar estate was looted by his court-appointed guardians, died on Saturday at his senior-housing facility on Prospect Park West. He was 83.

Judge Phillips’ wake will be held on Monday, Feb. 25, from 2 pm to 8 pm at Woodward Funeral Home, One Troy Ave., at Fulton Street. His funeral service will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 26 at Washington Temple Church of God, 1372 Bedford Ave., at Bergen Street.

“It happened after breakfast, in the elevator on his way to his room” at the Prospect Park Residence, a senior housing facility, said his distraught friend, John O’Hara. Phillips was pronounced dead at New York Methodist Hospital in Park Slope. Indeed, in his heyday, Phillips was not only politically ambitious, but also a well-known figure in Bedford-Stuyvesant, where he served on the civil court and earned the nickname “the kung-fu” judge because of his martial arts talents.

He was also prosperous, having owned more than 10 buildings in Bed-Stuy, including the Slave Theater on Fulton Street, a focal point for neighborhood activists such as the Rev. Al Sharpton.

But after Hynes’s office had him declared incompetent, nearly all of the dozens of properties Phillips owned were auctioned off — yet the profits ended up enriching only his guardians, not the judge.

Just before his death, events had finally started to turn back in his favor. In December, a state judicial panel suspended the legal license of Emani Taylor, who served as Phillips’s guardian between 2003 and 2006, for stealing $328,000 from Phillips’s account.

The day before his death, Phillips had taken delivery on a new set of furniture that had been bought for him by fashion magnate Mark Ecko, who’d taken an interest in Phillips’s plight after reading about it in this and other publications.

But hours later, he was dead. He has no surviving relatives.

This is where the plot thickens!!!!!  Now one paper claims there are no living relatives.  Another paper claims that the only living relative is a neice who retained an attorney to claim her uncles brooklyn estate!!!  Does she exist or not? Or was she simply offered a large sum of money to just disappear without mention of any relationship to Judge Phillips except for the mentioning of her in one newspaper article online.  Ezra Glazer, a lawyer for Symphony Moss of Ohio, Mr. Phillips’s niece and current personal guardian.

Psychotic behavior found in religious zealots has been investigated over the years and pushed to the margins so that the main stream of conscious belief can float.   Here is more research i will use in my book.

Installation #9
Excerpts from a letter by Bon Mambo Racine Sans Bout Sa Te La Daginen

Non-Vodouisant families have fewer options in Haiti. Mental illness especially among the upper class is heavily stigmatized, as are mental retardation and congenital mental defects.  Upper class families with a child who has Down's syndrome, for example, frequently put the child in a room in the house where the child then grows up and spends his or her entire life without ever being allowed outside.  Down's syndrome and similar conditions are regarded as being a punishment from God or a lwa.  Even though most upper class families are not Vodouisant they often pay to work magic against business competitors or for other reasons, and may have some old djab hanging around back since Grandpa made a wanga to kill the guy who had the other car dealership, you see?  Or it may be a punishment for something the parents did - since upper class families in Hait are often enough involved in a lot of bad, vicious stuff, drug dealing, political

killings, business killings and so on, they have guilty consciences and are willing to believe that God has reason to punish them.


We treat mental illness in several ways.  First, we either call a lwa or do divination to discover the cause - is it a wanga?  Is it a "zombi", a dead spirit sent against the person (also called "anvwa mo", a sending of the dead)?  Is it an angry lwa which has been insulted by the person?   Is it problems related to childbearing or nursing?  Is it abuse by the common-law husband?  Abuse and trauma cause a condition called "sezisman", literally "seized-up-ness", like a seized up engine.  A person with sezisman usually becomes uncommunicative, refuses to speak, falls to the ground, weeps or acts catatonic.


Assuming the illness has a supernatural cause, a wanga or an anvwa mo or an angry lwa, treatment is different.  If it is an angry lwa, that lwa must be called to the head of the sick person, so it can make known the reasons why it is angry and what the person can do to pacify it.


If it is an anvwa mo, the same ceremony used to send the dead against the person is repeated to send the dead right back where it came from, either to the cemetery if the sick person is feeling forgiving or to the person who sent it in the first place if the sick person wants revenge!  This is a strenuous ceremony, involving some real physical activity.  Sometimes more than one dead is sent against the person - I witnessed one case of a woman who actually had seven zombis in her

body.  By the time the Houngan was done treating her he was drenched in sweat - and THEN he had to call Baron to make sure everything was ok.


If it is a wanga, the wanga has to be undone.   Sometimes a lwa is called into the head of the sick person or the Houngan or Mambo to reveal where malevolent power objects are buried so that they can be dug up and undone.  Sometimes the lwa on whose point the wanga is done is identified, called into the head of the Houngan or Mambo, and bribed with a bigger payment than that which was made by the person who did the wanga in the first place - three chickens instead of

one, a pig instead of a goat, something like that.  Sometimes another lwa is called to fight against the original lwa and the person who made the wanga!  That is where the expressions come from, "Fer koupe fer", iron cuts iron, and "Neg fe, neg defe", what one black man does, another black man undoes.


Generally in these cases the mentally ill person recovers, but they are usually very weak, because their true self has been absent for so long, hasn't been getting the benefit of the food they ate or the social interactions they would normally have had.  So the person is often given a "gad" (from the French "garde, a protective spell to prevent the same thing from happening to them again.)


Peace and love,


Bon Mambo Racine Sans Bout Sa Te La Daginen


"Se bon ki ra" - Good is rare

     Haitian Proverb

Installation #8

More research for my book...   here is the link back to the site I found it on, but I know it goes much DEEPER than this

As I make sense of the universal principles found across religions, even those perceived as the occult and those that are more readily accepted by Christianity, Cabbala, and so much more.  This blog will serve as a depository of my findings until the book is well within my reach today.

M23. Paranoid Schizophrenia, Ability or Curse.

The knowledge of the writer on this subject tends to be second hand, as he is a great believer in the Physical Universe. However he does admit to being as paranoid about vampires and other unwanted Ghosts of the Dead as most people are about fleas. He has been trying to understand certain aspects of human behaviour which have puzzled him. Command procedures have been omitted from this section as there are too many examples elsewhere on this web site.

Consider the following concepts.


  • The Physical Universe produced Life as a byproduct, and thus takes precedence over all universes created by life..
  • The Physical Universe is a byproduct of Life or God, and is thus inferior to them.
  • Section S01 on Conscious Walking putting one's attention on the environment is recommended for anyone who feels their grip on the physical universe could be greater
  • Anyone who tells their doctor that they are hearing voices will be quickly referred to a psychiatrist.
  • When politicians tell us of Weapons of Mass Destruction which can not be found, we are expected to believe in their sanity. It is noticeable that psychiatrists appear to be very silent on this matter, probably for fear of jumping off the gravy train and losing their salaries.
  • There is no such thing as pure evil. It is just that some entities have curious views on how best to survive.
  • The writer is getting very cynical as to what is sane or insane, good or evil. He now just works on the maxim "If it produces malice, then purge it".
Schizophrenia, Ability or Curse.
  • Clinical schizophrenia is the result of a hyperactive imagination, which is currently out of control and personal discipline.
  • Without imagination, we would be mighty short of books, literature, films and TV. These are things which make life comfortable.
  • Potential schizophrenics are the people who have constructed our religions, and have constructed universes in which it is comfortable to live. These universes tend to be inferior to the Physical Universe.
  • The political party which sells us the most desirable universe is the one which is going to win the next election.
  • The successful schizophrenic convinces everyone else to live in his universe, which makes him top of the food chain of appreciation. The unsuccessful ones land up in the loony bin.
  • Schizophrenia must be an aid to human survival, or it would have been bred out long ago.
Hysteria and Paranoia.
  • Anyone who forgets to pay enough attention to the physical universe is liable to develop clinical psychiatric disorders.
  • Once one has created a universe, one must defend it. These defence mechanisms are commonly called paranoia.
  • Paranoia develops hysteria and mania as tools of defence. If hysteria is directed outwards, then it takes the form of telepathy and mind control. If hysteria is not allowed to flow outwards, then it takes the form of hysterical or psychosomatic medical illness.
  • Hysteria is an energy flow. Use it if you can use and tame it.
  • Schizophrenics are very short of love. They tend to pull in the Souls of the Dead who are even shorter on love. This results in a terrible deficit of love for self and others. A remedy for this deficit is to command them to create love for themselves.
  • The writer often receives cries for help (by email or phone) from people in distress. In the first instance he always takes the person in distress at their face value. (There is always enough rubbish around to justify this action.) If the reply is "Nothing you are doing is doing any good, but you have got to help me", then the writer assumes they are not what they say they are, and drops them like a hot potato. Cults and university psychology departments often use this ploy to tie psychics up in knots. If the person in distress is genuine they will always acknowledge your help. Not acknowledging one's help is a sign of not being genuine.
  • No one who has schizophrenia will admit to it.
  • Schizophrenics are well known for multiple identities. It does help if these entities can be made to talk or telepath with each other, which will break down the boundaries.
  • The Wind of Change (Surt) can pull the rug from beneath anyone's feet at any time.
Thought and Imagination.
  • In the British Middle Ages, insanity was considered to be contagious. In modern times, insanity is not considered to be contagious. The truth is somewhere in between.
  • People may keep their thoughts and imaginations to themselves, or they may telepath them. People who do not telepath their minds do not distribute malice and therefore do not invite retaliation.
  • Any entity who wishes to vampire or telepathically control other people must keep their activities below the threshold of detection. Once a person detects a vampire or mind controller, they will do all in their power to purge it, even if this means changing their religion or finding a priest.
  • Given enough imagination within personal relationships, all things are possible. Thus magic and telepathy become realities. The partner with the most imagination will be the dominant one.
  • It appears that imagination with respect to the physical universe both produces psychic activity and keeps the Patents Office busy. Imagination with too little respect for the physical universe leads to clinical schizophrenia.
  • Schizophrenia is at the the heart of all main stream religion and the occult. They could not exist without it. They want you to ignore the importance of the physical universe, and for you to be good little compliant slaves. The same can be said about the Genetic Engineering engrams mentioned in M22.
  • Schizophrenics tend to create thought forms which can persist even after death. Thus gods, satans and demons can be created. These are often created to protect things of value. The most common cause of the living dead is unfinished business in the last life.
  • Schizophrenia centers around the Akashic element of Water (emotion). False calls for help are a common form of vampirism.
  • Schizophrenics have a great capacity for inviting in vampires, past lives and other ghosts of the dead. Thus occultists raise demons to help them gain covert power over other people. These entities tell the victim how great they are, and the occultist believes the lie.
  • Clinical paranoia involves the defence of the ghosts of yesterday, and the defence of activities which can not stand up to public discussion. The issues being defended may be conscious or subconscious.
  • Paranoia is a great psychic cleansing tool. Like anger it must be directed against the right target or be counter-productive. A great trick of politicians and religions is to get one angry over subjects which are not that important, so that one does not get angry over what they want to protect.
  • Paranoia is great for protecting one's own schizophrenic or psychic creations, and for destroying unwanted creations from other people. It is also useful for dispatching unwelcome ghosts of the dead and yesterday's creations. Paranoia needs to be kept dynamic.
Insanities. The following list is used by the writer when purging.
  • Schizophrenia.
  • Paranoia. (Once one has created a universe, one must prevent other people from destroying or dismantling that universe.)
  • Hysteria and Mania.
  • Psychosis.
  • Criminality. (Most psychotic behaviour would be considered criminal by other people if found out.)
  • Insanity. (This tends to be the insanity of knowing one is insane.)
  • Psychiatry. (This controls what is regarded as sane and insane.)
Shamanism. In cultures where this occurs, the shaman is expected to go into an altered state of reality, and return with news of the best hunting grounds, words of wisdom, the solutions to peoples' problems, and good folk stories. He is expected to return fully to the physical universe. If he does not deliver the goods and return properly, he will be ridiculed and the village elders will look for a new shaman. The shaman may have to learn how to be more in contact with the physical universe in normal life than his fellow men. Modern remote viewing and Spiritualism follow similar lines.Targets. Trying to take responsibility for ones thoughts in not on in the first instance, as too many thoughts originate outside. Thus target other people's thoughts first. Only take responsibility for one's own thoughts when one has run out of outside material. Personal responsibility is essential but it does not have to be first. Everything is suspect till it is above the responsibility barrier. The following are suggested targets to use in one's current meditational command list.
  • My / our / every thought.
  • Every thought, imagination.
  • Every thinker, telepath, vampire.
  • Everyone who is greater than oneself, etc.
  • Total personal responsibility for thought.
  • Total personal responsibility for imagination.
  • Total personal responsibility for telepathy.
  • Total personal responsibility for healing, psychic ability. (Everything is suspect till it is above the responsibility barrier.)
  • Total personal responsibility for responsibilities. (Some of our responsibilities may be to some rather curious entities.)
  • Total personal responsibility.
  • Confession and forgiveness.
  • Every psychological engineer. (Get the genetic engineers.)
  • Anger. (Always a great cleaner.)
  • Total personal paranoia. (An even better cleaner.)
  • Total personal psychic ability.
Installation #7

I am a member of SGI.   I am interested in finding out more about the mystical side of certain religious practices as those of Nichiren Diashonin Buddhism.  For example, there is  a belief in what is called "the Mystic Law".  The Mystic Law defines the unknown and neatly sums it all up good and bad into a powerful belief that if you chant to the Gohonzon only the good will manifest out of the unknown.    

 All Nichiren sects chant this phrase, I believe, and its practice originates in Japan, founded by the True
Buddha, Nichiren Daishonin.  The words are a Japanese pronunciation of the title of the Lotus Sutra, whose 
Sanskrit pronunciation is "Saddharma Pundarika Sutra".  Kumarajiva translated it into Chinese, and the title 
was something like "Miao-fu-lienge-ciao". The Japanese pronunciation is Nam myoho renge kyo.  
The "Nam"is for devotion, and the sentence reads:"Devotion to the Mystic Law Lotus Sutra". There are many 
many meanings attributed to this phrase, including, for sutra, as a previous poster mentioned, "thread".  
"Myo" is unfathomable, and "ho" is law.  This is not to say that Myoho is unreasonable, however it is not 
accounted for by reason alone.
 In these words [Nam myoho renge kyo] Nichiren Daishonin embodied the universal truth to which he had attained  enlightenment.  He taught that by chanting this phrase all people regardless of ability or understanding, could actually activate their potential for enlightenment and establish indestructable happiness.  SGI members all chant this phrase.  We use our faith to create peace and harmony in society, by setting an example of our own personal growth.  There are other SGI members who read this group, and they can contribute to this discussion also.  I'd be happy to answer any questions.     
I will add more to this part later.
Installation #6

Some say cases of zombification in the Caribbean are actually the result of grieving family members who incorrectly identify a stranger as their dead loved one. While this may seem unlikely, there are some reasons to believe it may be more credible. For one, there is a large number of mentally incapacitated, schizophrenic, and otherwise troubled individuals left to roam around the streets of Haiti because there simply is no way to care for them properly.

Here I must reference SICKO and Skid Row in Los Angeles because this is a place where lost souls are dropped off and left to roam...

I will add more to this part later.

Installation #5

emani Pamela taylor has stolen money from Judge Phillip’s estate and disbursed it among her mother, daughter Charisse Howell, and son Daniel Howell.  Jarris Howell only got a crumb while the other two needed more.  Charisse got a house from Judge Phillip’s that was taken away and if it were not for the brownstone Emani continues living in today with your possessions, what little of your possession she has left would not be here today. 

Emani has upset many houngans who use white magic with her careless mistakes.  For example, emani forgot to mention that you were not the only person who belonged to those items in the truck and when they impounded the car someone else accused her of stealing only she did not only steal the truck she stole the license plate number and the guitar and the phone that you took off of the charger when you returned home from longon this time around there is no mistaken who died and who is alive today to write about that.  Careless actions on emani’s part make many powerful houngans care less about her ill gotten fortune and more about where she will live in the next two years when you take the time to write where, when, this happens to be living in you are only given one gift to write and think about helping yourself only no one else okay don’t even give one cent to anyone other than you be selfish


Emani is no longer welcome in the house of Baron Samedi by his wife alone who has influence over the ill-gotten fortune.  Black chickens are sacrificed to the wife of Baron Samedi.  It is not of consequence to anyone other than you Emani who are there to be.  When the bones of the fossil breaks her back to create a living sacrifice it only lets us know who is really the zombie and who is really the one living in another world where there are no bones yet this time around we see how easily this is the subject of discussion on the internet with no retaliation.  There is something to be said about that and what is done is done and what is not done is not done and she has no time to second guess so she just wants to forged straight ahead and hammer away at the amount of ill-gotten funds used to pay the bokor who refuses to forge at this time, not saying four years isn’t enough saying forteen is way to young to yes that did occur and that did happen before but what about today three to ten is a different element never before considered and only leads emani back to zero no title of authority very little money and finished.  Did you understand my language?  That had to come out really slow to ensure that you did hear us. 



Richard T. Andrias, Justice Presiding,

Eugene Nardelli

Luis A. Gonzalez

John W. Sweeny, Jr.

Bernard J. Malone, Jr., Justices.


In the Matter of Emani P. Taylor

(admitted as Emani Pamela Taylor),

an attorney and counselor-at-law:

   Departmental Disciplinary Committee M-5482

   for the First Judicial Department,


   Emani P. Taylor,



Disciplinary proceedings instituted by the Departmental

Disciplinary Committee for the First Judicial Department.

Respondent, Emani P. Taylor, was admitted to the Bar of the State

of New York at a Term of the Appellate Division of the Supreme

Court for the Fourth Judicial Department on July 17, 1997.

Thomas J. Cahill, Chief Counsel, Departmental

Disciplinary Committee, New York

(Andral N. Bratton, of counsel), for petitioner.

Respondent pro se.


M-5482 — November 5, 2007


Per Curiam

Respondent was admitted to the practice of law in the State

of New York by the Fourth Judicial Department on July 17, 1997,

under the name Emani Pamela Taylor.  At the times relevant to

this proceeding, respondent maintained an office for the practice

of law within the First Judicial Department.

The Departmental Disciplinary Committee seeks an order

pursuant to 22 NYCRR 603.4(e)(1)(i) and (iii) immediately

suspending respondent from the practice of law based upon her

willful failure to cooperate with the Committee in its

investigation of allegations of professional misconduct and other

uncontested evidence of misconduct which immediately threatens

the public interest.  

In October 2006, the Departmental Disciplinary Committee was

notified by the Grievance Committee for the Second and Eleventh

Districts that Justice Michael L. Pesce had issued an order to

show cause in the Matter of John Phillips, an Incapacitated

Person (Supreme Court, Kings County, Index No. 108298/00)

regarding respondent’s role as former guardian of John Phillips,

a retired Brooklyn judge.  Respondent served as Mr. Phillips’s

guardian from September 2003 to September 2006 and was permitted

to resign as guardian pending a proceeding that sought, among


other things, to remove her as guardian.  James Cahill, Esq., was

appointed successor guardian and within days brought the

aforementioned order to show cause alleging, among other things,

that respondent had failed to account for significant assets

belonging to the guardianship and that she had written numerous

checks to herself from the guardianship account without leave or

authority from the court.

On October 6, 2006, the Kings County District Attorney’s

Office opened an investigation into whether respondent had

stolen, embezzled or improperly obtained money from the assets of

Mr. Phillips (he owned property worth several million dollars).

On October 30, 2006, Justice Pesce granted the District

Attorney’s request to share with the Committee documents and

records it had obtained in relation to its grand jury

investigation.  During November 2006, the Committee had several

conversations with the prosecutor’s office and the successor

guardian and received complete copies of the guardianship bank

account records for September 2003 to October 2006, as well as

copies of bank records for respondent’s IOLA account.  The

guardian, Mr. Cahill, also provided pleadings in the civil

proceeding and advised the Committee that the identical issues

were pending before Justice Pesce.

On November 28, 2006, the Kings County District Attorney’s

Office notified the Committee that although the evidence did not


demonstrate that respondent committed a crime, “she may well have

violated rules governing an attorney’s conduct” and, therefore,

referred the matter to the Committee to take whatever action was


Although the Disciplinary Committee often closes

disciplinary files pending the completion of civil litigation,

here, in light of the seriousness of the allegations against

respondent, it decided to keep the file open notwithstanding the

civil case pending before Justice Pesce.  From December 2006 to

May 2007, the Committee, through contact with the successor

guardian, monitored the progress of the Kings County civil


By May 2007, Mr. Cahill advised the Committee that the civil

proceeding was not proceeding apace.  Therefore, the Committee

wrote respondent on May 22, 2007, requesting her to specifically

address allegations of her wrongful taking of funds from the

guardianship account and “the fate of the $696,000 from the sale

of the 132-136-140 Herkimer Street Property.”  The Committee

enclosed with its letter all prior bank statements and pleadings

it had received and asked respondent to answer by June 30, 2007.

Respondent failed to respond to the Committee’s letter.  When the

Deputy Chief Counsel to the Committee returned from a medical

leave, he wrote to respondent on August 9, 2007 and, noting her

failure to cooperate, requested her to fully comply with the


Committee’s May 22 letter by August 24, 2007, or else she would

face a motion seeking her interim suspension.

On or about August 28, 2007, respondent sent the Committee a

copy of her “reply to the objections to the Final Accounting” she

had submitted in the civil matter on August 4, 2007.  That

submission, however, was non-responsive to the specific questions

posed by the Committee in its previous correspondence.  For

example, on the issue of her wrongful taking of fees, respondent

referred to a March 25, 2004 order which she “drafted and

followed”; however, that order directed the sale of the

aforementioned Herkimer Street property and did not address or

authorize her to release any funds from the guardianship account

for attorneys fees or expenses.

Following receipt of respondent’s submission, the Committee

learned that, on June 1, 2007, Justice Pesce appointed Seth E.

Coen, Esq., to prepare and submit a final accounting for the

period during which respondent served as guardian -- September

2003 to September 2006.  In his affirmation attached to a motion

for judicial settlement of final account dated June 20, 2007, Mr.

Coen detailed respondent’s misconduct, mistakes and neglect.  He

began by stating, “[d]ue to the combination of incomplete

records, poor recordkeeping and the lack of cooperation from the

former Interim Guardian of the Property, Emani P. Taylor, the

Final Account as submitted represents a reconstruction to the

 Mr. Coen’s final account also reveals that four family


members of respondent were paid money from the guardianship

account allegedly for services provided.  For example,

respondent’s mother was paid as a self-styled “nurse in charge”

of Mr. Phillips.  The final account also indicates possible

missing pension deposits and establishes that for the three years

that respondent was guardian, no tax returns were filed, to the

financial detriment to Mr. Phillips’s estate.


best of my ability from the proofs and records available to the

preparer.”  Most relevant to the Committee’s present motion is

Schedule G attached to Mr. Coen’s motion, which was prepared at

the court’s direction and shows that respondent, without court

order, helped herself to $327,491.23 in the guardianship account

from October 24, 2003 to August 8, 2006.  Of that amount, more

than $200,000 was in the form of checks written to herself as

“retainer” or “legal fees,” more than $69,000 was issued either

to herself or to “cash” with references to expenses, and more

than $57,000 were withdrawals made without the use of checks.

The Committee contends that on its face, respondent’s activities

violated DR 1-102(A)(4), (5) and (7), and DR 9-102(A), (B)(2) and

(E).  Attached as Exhibit H to the Committee’s present motion is


a copy of respondent’s August 10, 2007 “Affirmation of Legal

Services” she filed with Justice Pesce wherein she requested a

total of $853,100 in legal fees.  Nowhere in this affirmation did

she advise the court that she had already withdrawn from the

guardianship account for her own use more than $327,000.

Accordingly, by certified letter dated September 12, 2007,


the Committee confronted respondent with Mr. Coen’s final

account, her August 10, 2007 Affirmation of Legal Services, and

the fact that her previous submission was non-responsive to the

Committee’s previous questions and gave her --

a final opportunity to address the clear

allegations that 1) You converted to your own

use without authority $327,491.23 of funds

belonging to the Guardianship and 2) You

failed to advise the Court in your August 10,

2007 Affirmation of Legal Services that you

had already withdrawn the above amount for,

among [other] things, purported “legal fees.”

I advise that your failure to furnish a full,

satisfactory response to these issues by

October 1, 2007 will result in this office’s

filing a motion, pursuant to 22 NYCRR

603.4(e)[1](i) and (iii) for your

immediate[,] indefinite suspension from the

practice of law based both upon your lack of

cooperation and uncontested evidence of


The Committee now seeks respondent’s immediate suspension

from the practice of law based upon her pattern of non-

cooperation and uncontested evidence of her serious professional

misconduct that threatens the public interest.  The Committee

contends that respondent’s unresponsiveness to specific inquiries

regarding her alleged wrongful taking of funds can only be

interpreted as a deliberate and willful attempt to impede the

Committee’s investigation (Matter of Spiegler, 33 AD3d 187

[2006]).  Furthermore, the Committee maintains that respondent’s

uncontradicted conversion of guardianship funds without court

authority and her failure to advise the court of her previous


taking of “legal fees” constitutes uncontested evidence of

professional misconduct warranting her immediate suspension

pursuant to 22 NYCRR 603.4(e)(1)(iii), regardless of the fact

that a civil proceeding is still pending (Matter of Tannenbaum,

16 AD3d 66 [2005][attorney who took estate money for “fees” was

immediately suspended]; Matter of Pape, 10 AD3d 40 [2004]).

In her affirmation, dated October 29, 2007, in opposition to

the Committee’s motion, respondent, who is appearing pro se,

denies converting guardianship funds to her own use.  Rather, she

claims that:  1) she reasonably relied upon the March 25, 2004

order signed by Justice Pesce (and drafted by respondent) as full

authorization to withdraw funds from the guardianship account in

unspecified amounts for legal fees; 2) she disputes Mr. Coen’s

finding that she depleted the sum of more than $327,000 from the

guardianship account; 3) she claims the Kings County court was

already on “judicial notice” that she had withdrawn funds for

legal fees, therefore she did not have to mention it in her

subsequent affirmation for legal services; and 4) the issue of

reasonableness of her actions is already before Justice Pesce and

therefore this Court should not take any action.

Respondent claims that she believed she had authorization to

pay herself and other “workers” guardianship funds because at a

court conference on February 11, 2004, Justice Pesce told her to

draft an order about the sale of real property and “provide for


some payment of fees.”  She then points to the March 25, 2004

order she drafted entitled “Order Directing Sale By Publication

and For Attorney Fees.”  However, a reading of that order shows

that Justice Pesce gave permission for the sale of the Herkimer

Street property and directed respondent to:

provide to this Court an accounting of the

disperse [sic] of funds which shall include

but not limit the execution [of] all

documents necessary in connection with the

renovation, of the garden floor, parlor

floor, roof and basement of the Incapacitated

Person’s home... and the compensation to

appropriate health care professionals for the

personal companion as well as for the private

24 hour private care and housing for the

Incapacitated Person (emphasis added).

Although not one word of the order addresses the issue of

attorney’s fees, respondent avers that it was her “interpretation

that this Order permitted Respondent to include herself in the

laundry list of persons and authority ‘which includes but not

limits’” the people to be paid.  However, any interpretation that

the court order gave respondent unfettered permission to withdraw

guardianship funds strains credulity.

Next, although respondent disputes Mr. Coen’s finding that

she depleted the sum of more than $327,000 from the guardianship

account she provides this Court with no alternative figure.

Indeed, the Committee points out, in reply, that when it wrote

respondent on May 22, 2007, it enclosed complete copies of her

bank records pertaining to this matter and asked her for an


explanation “for all checks written by (you) to (yourself) on

both the Guardianship and IOLA account.”  Yet, respondent has

never given an explanation nor has she even attempted to address

this issue in her current opposition papers.  Likewise,

respondent’s assertion that the court was on “judicial notice” of

funds she had taken which were then in dispute and, therefore,

she did not have to advise the court again in her application for

legal services is very disturbing.  Indeed, the fact that such

funds were taken from the guardianship account by respondent was

first brought to the court’s attention by the successor guardian

and Mr. Coen, not by respondent.  Respondent cannot simply file

an application for attorney’s fees, after the fact, without first

advising the court of the amount she had already awarded herself.

Respondent also contends that this Court should take no

action since the issue of her “reasonableness” is already before

Justice Pesce.  The Committee has already explained that where,

as here, misconduct is clear and is an immediate threat to the

public, the Committee will seek an interim suspension despite

ongoing civil litigation.  Furthermore, the Committee notes that

respondent has not cooperated with the Committee’s investigation

(although she claims she has by forwarding a copy of her reply to

Mr. Coen’s final accounting) and it is uncertain when the Kings

County proceeding will be resolved.

Respondent states that a trial was scheduled for October 30,


2007 and she is suspicious of the timing of the instant motion.

She complains further that the information sought by the

Committee is duplicative of the information sought by the

successor guardian Mr. Cahill, and it appears that the Committee

has been “spoon-fed” documents by Mr. Cahill.  She also states

that she requested but was denied a chance to meet with Mr. Coen,

rather, she was asked to answer 33 questions that were sent by

mail.  Thus, she claims, his final accounting is inaccurate.

Finally, respondent asserts that she does not pose a danger to

the public and presently does not hold any client funds for any

pending matter.

An attorney who is the subject of an investigation by the

Disciplinary Committee of professional misconduct may be

suspended from the practice of law, pending consideration of

charges against the attorney, upon a finding that the attorney is

guilty of professional misconduct immediately threatening the

public interest.  Such a finding shall be based upon the

attorney's failure to comply with any lawful demand of this Court

or the Departmental Disciplinary Committee made in connection

with any investigation or other uncontested evidence of

professional misconduct (22 NYCRR 603.4[e][1][i] and [iii]).

Although respondent claims she has cooperated with the

Committee’s investigation, she has not.  Respondent did not

answer the Committee’s May 22, 2007 letter which asked her to


explain her withdrawal of funds from the guardianship account

even though she was provided with all of the pertinent bank

documents she needed to answer those questions.  Nor did she

respond to a follow-up letter.  The only document she did provide

was non-responsive insofar as it was her reply to the objections

in the final accounting in the Kings County matter.

In addition, the final accounting by Mr. Coen (although

based upon “incomplete records [and] poor recordkeeping”)

provides uncontested evidence that respondent has committed

misconduct that threatens the public interest (Matter of Goldman,

7 AD3d 18 [2004]; Matter of Adelman, 263 AD2d 160 [1999].  At a

minimum, respondent withdrew funds from the guardianship account

as legal fees without court permission, at worst, she

intentionally converted guardianship funds.  While respondent was

entitled to be compensated for the work she performed for three

years, self-help to guardianship funds is not the way to proceed.

Moreover, the final accounting raises several other questions

regarding respondent’s tenure as guardian including why several

of her relatives were compensated for “services” they allegedly

provided, where did the escrow deposit from the sale of estate

property go, whether pension and/or Social Security monies are

missing from the guardianship estate, and why respondent failed

to file tax returns for the estate.

Accordingly, inasmuch as respondent has failed to


meaningfully controvert the evidence of professional misconduct

against her, and based upon her lack of cooperation with the

Committee’s investigation, the Committee’s motion should be

granted and respondent suspended from the practice of law,

effective immediately, and until such time as disciplinary

matters pending before the Committee have been concluded, and

until further order of this Court (22 NYCRR 603.4[e][1][i] and


All concur.

Order filed. [December 27, 2007]




The loa who represents money and who has special influence over black magic and ill-gotten fortune.  She is also the wife of Bron Samedi and is analogous to the Catholic St. Brigid.  Brigitte lives in a tree in the cemetery and dresses in purple.  Black chickens are sacrificed to her.

Installation #4

Article 249 of the Haitian penal code states, “It shall also be qualified as attempted murder the employment which may be made against any person of substances which, without causing actual death, produce a lethargic coma more or less prolonged. If, after the person had been buried, the act shall be considered murder no matter what result follows.” 

Actually, Voodoo has two main gods: Danbhala-Wedo (the Grand Serpent) and Aida-Wedo (the Rainbow). These two gods, who are also believed to be man and wife, are believed to have brought the knowledge of procreation and of spiritual wisdom to humans.  The intense trauma of being buried alive while still lucid causes many victims to lose their memories and to become little more than mindless robots who do whatever the bokor asks. After all, they have seen his power and know that he must be obeyed. Plus, some bokors supposedly administer an antidote to their victims which is made from the jimsonweed plant (also known as Jamestown weed, mad apple, and moon flower) and which causes memory loss.

Of course, not everyone believes this theory of zombie creation. When ethnobotonist Wade Davis brought back samples of the mixture from Haiti to be analyzed, the results were inconclusive as to the level of tetrodotoxin present. 

Baron Samedi is the loa (spirit) who Emani Pamela Taylor invokes to keep you prisoner.  What she is not telling you is that you are not aware of how much your powerful presentations have on influential people when they need confidentiality to preserve the integrity of what they have and will continue having when all of this is gone in the book with real names not pseudo names.


Emani says I am not afraid of a few threats that happen to be laced with powerful names I am only concerned with what I paid for and over her and it looks dang good to me so please pass the gel


Baron Samedi (Baron Sanmdi)

The most powerful member of the Guede family, and the loa who represents death.  Baron Samedi controls passage between the world of the dead, and he provides information about the dead.  His symbols are the cross, coffin, and phallus, and his color is black.  When he possesses devotees, he tells lewd joke, makes obscene gestures, wears dark glasses and a top hat, smokes cigarettes, eats voraciously, and drinks rum in which 21 hot peppers have been steeped.  See also Guede. I KNOW



A secret society of black magicians that supposedly practices zombification. 


Black Magic

All houngans and mambos are also black magicians.  That is, they understand and know how to perform black magic, even if they do not literally practices it.  A houngan must know evil in order to combat it.



Houngans who actually practice black magic are called “those who serve the lao with both hands,” or bokors.  Unlike the open religious rituals practiced  by a reputable vodou priest, the bokor works in secret, primarily to protect his recipes for various potions and poisons, but also to avoid the censure of the true devotees to vodou.  The bokor has no hounfort and does not lead any society; rather, he sells his services to whoever is willing to pay.


Boucan:  The bonfire that is lit during a vodou ritual. 


Boulez en (pronounced zain)

After death, the houngan can burn the govi containing the dead person’s soul, or ti-bon-ange, in a ritual called Boulez en.  This burning of the jars releases the spirit to the land of the dead.



The loa who represents money and who has special influence over black magic and ill-gotten fortune.  She is the mother of cemetaries.  She is also the wife of Bron Samedi and is analogous to the Catholic St. Brigid.  Brigitte lives in a tree in the cemetery and dresses in purple.  Black chickens are sacrificed to her.  Brigitte is invoked to cure those who are near death as a result of magick.  She is also invoked to exact revenge in cases where real justice is sought.  She drinks rum laced with hot peppers, and like her husband and the rest of the Guede Spirits, she is a "potty mouth" and uses profanity.


Canzo Initiation – when the flesh is set on fire but does not burn.  Requires significant financial sacrifice, strict discipline, and the acceptance of moral obligation, so no one undertakes this ritual lightly.  Can take as long as a week to complete.  1. Take a purifying bath 2. Start fasting 3. Drink a concoction made from the fruit corrosal (sedative effect) 4. Wear dried palm fronds as protection from the spirits 5. Lie in a circle heads in feet out 6. Listen to houngan guide you through the process and relate to you what you will experience and your obligations 7. Locked in a room for another ceremony 8. Final trial by fire 9. The next morning the initiates reenter the real world dressed in white and wearing masks of palm leaves. 10. Visit sacred trees located around the hounfort and salute the spirits who reside inside them.